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(Govt Regd No : 09/2016)

(Part Time / Full Time Home Based Jobs Providing Company)

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(1) What will be the Format of Work?

We Will Provide you .JPEG format (Image File), Which You have to Convert In Notepad(HTML) File by Manual typing only.

(2) Is there any skill required to work?

Yes, Skills are required like typing speed so you can work fast. Computer Knowledge of at least basic, Windows and Internet.

(3) Internet is required or not ?

Yes,Internet is required just for downloading work files which hardly takes 5 minutes only in a week.

(4) What will be the exact content of the work files?

Time is very important & precious for everyone, Same for these companies they don’t want you to waste time in creating tables & editing different text symbols etc. The work is very simple, just plain text matters. No symbols, No equations, No tables, No images. So that you can type fast & can submit the work fast.

(5) What is the Accuracy level required for getting payment?

Accuracy level Above 50.1%(50 Number of spelling mistakes only allowed with in whole project)

(6) After submitting the work in time, When I’m going to get Accuracy/Checking report & Payment?

After submission of your work within 4-5 working days you will get the Accuracy report to your Email Address & We will transfer your payment online to your bank account Monthly.

(7) Do you provide me any Instructions on How to perform the work?

Yes, We will provide you a step-by-step instruction file with work.Phone support & Mail support & Team viewer support & Any desk Support Available.

(8) Is there any refund condition ?

Yes. You give minimum accuracy in your first project and submit this first project on correct submission date after then only your registration fees refundable otherwise non refundable.

(9) After getting registered How I’m going to get my work?

On getting Registered, within 12 hours we will give working files to through your registered mail id Only.

Registration fees 1600/-(Refundable with condition)
Payment per Page Rs 50/Per Page
Number of Pages 250 Pages/per month
Working period 18 Days
Payments Monthly
Total Earnings Rs 12,500/Per Project
Minimum Accuracy Below 50% Accuracy(Below 50 Errors)
50.1% & Above Id Terminate(More than 50 Errors)

Under this process you will get image file and from that file you have to type given matter in NOTE PAD(HTML TAGGING) file and you have to mail the company mail id for that you will get Rs.50/ per page. (Offline HTML data entry work).Here with enclosed the sample file,pls check it

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